Adult Full Length Leg Protector


Adult Full Length Arm Glove Protector


Ergo WheelSeet


Burn B Gone®

3.5 gram packet / 1 packet $1.00
Burn B Gone® / 3.5 gram packet / Box of 25 packets $15.00

Burn B Gone®

2.5 oz tube $9.95

Stops the Sting™

.25 oz Tube / 1 Tube $5.95

Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff Liner

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Treat Hard-to-Heal Wounds and Other Conditions

E-Commerce Medical Supply Company for Wound Care and Pressure Sores

Find everything you need for patient care in one convenient place online. New Medical Solutions is a woman-owned online medical supply company that provides top-quality products to consumers and health care providers.  If you find yourself or your loved ones suffering from diabetes, venous stasis ulcers, pressure sores, pressure wounds, or any other non-healing ailments, call us for help throughout San Diego, California, CA.

Our inventory includes equipment and supplies that enhance quality of life for patients with conditions ranging from hard-to-heal wounds to musculoskeletal injuries. Make patient care for hard-to-heal wounds or any other issues easier to perform with products from our medical supply company in Vista, California.  We also offer Advanced Document Management Solution in order to increase efficiency, collaboration and immediate access to critical data.

Shop Now for Medical Supplies and Equipment
When you order from our companion website, you receive friendly customer service, fast delivery, and everyday low prices. Our large inventory includes medical solutions for:

Wound Care • We carry Gentell Products that offer relief for a variety of wounds, including pressure sores, surgical incisions, and third-degree burns.
Skin Irritation • New Medical Solutions is your source for skin treatments, such as Burn B Gone®, that soothe and clear up skin irritations caused by sunburn, spider bites,  Tatoo and laser treatments.
Scar Treatment • Give your skin a flawless look with our scar treatment that creates a protective barrier over injured skin to promote faster healing and prevent new scars from forming.


Wound Care, Medical Supply Company in Vista, CA
Skin Irritation, Hard-to-Heal Wounds in Vista, CA
Scar Treatment, Medical Supply Company in Vista, CA

Cost Effective
You save money when you order from us because our treatments and products are more affordable compared to other companies. Additionally, we carry a wide variety of unique items not found in everyday stores. 

Call our medical supply company at (888) 526-1409 or e-mail us
to order products, equipment, and supplies that help you heal faster.


Medical Supply Company in Vista, California, CA specializing in treatment and pain relief for Hard-To-Heal Wounds Including:
Sunburn | Wound Care | Diabetes | Burns | Pressure Sores | Diabetic Ulcers | Rashes
Scrapes | Scars | Venous Stasis Ulcers | Bed Sores


Hard to Heal Wounds | Pressure Sores | Ulcers | Diabetic Venous Stasis
Make patient care for hard-to-heal wounds or any other issues easier to perform with products from our medical supply store in Vista, San Diego, CA.
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